Migrating Proxmox KVM to Solus / CentOS KVM

By default, Proxmox creates KVM based VMs on a single disk partition, typically in raw or qcow2 format. Solus, however, uses an LVM based system. So how do you move things over from Proxmox to Solus? Here goes:

  1. Shut down the respective Proxmox VM;
  2. As an additional precaution, make a copy of the Proxmox VM (cp will do);
  3. If the Proxmox VM is not in raw format, you need to convert it using qemu-img:
    qemu-img convert PROXMOX_VM_FILE -O raw OUTPUT_FILE
    Proxmox usually stores the image files under /var/lib/vz/images/ID
  4. Create an empty KVM VM on the Solus node with a disk size at least as large as the raw file of the Proxmox VM (and possibly adjust settings such as driver, PAE, etc.), and keep it shut down;
  5. In the config file (usually under /home/kvm/kvmID) of the newly created Solus VM, check the following line:
    <source file=’/dev/VG_NAME/kvmID_img’/>
    and make a note;
  6. dd the Proxmox raw image over to the Solus node:
    dd if=PROXMOX_VM.raw | ssh [options] user@solus_node ‘dd of=/dev/VG_NAME/kvmID_img’
  7.  Boot the new Solus KVM VM;


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