Adding disks to Windows VMs under KVM

Reading through various posts on forums and blogs all over the web there are many solutions offered how to add another disk to a Windows VM running under KVM. Below is one solution that worked smoothly for all our nodes running the Solus control panel, with KVM as virtualisation technology:

  1. create a new volume with
  2. edit the vm’s config file (under Solus, this is usually /home/kvm/kvmID/kvmID.xml), and a section below the first disk (assuming hda has already been assigned, we use hdb here for the new disk):
        <disk type='file' device='disk'>
         <source file='/dev/VOLUMEGROUPNAME/NEW_VOL_NAME'/>
         <target dev='hdb' bus='ide'/>
  3. shut down and then boot the vm
  4. log in, and in the storage section of your server administration tool, initialise and format the new disk

NB for Solus: you will have to create a hook and enable advanced config in the control panel, otherwise Solus will overwrite the edited config again. The most basic hook would just hold the production config in a separate file in the same directory, and the hook would ensure that the new file is being used, e.g. from ./hooks/ (must be executable):

mv /home/kvm/kvmID/kvmID.xml /home/kvm/kvmID/kvmID.xml.dist
cp -f /home/kvm/kvmID/kvmID.xml.newdisk /home/kvm/kvmID/kvmID.xml